CLIENT: Greyhound


Art Directors: Emily Ost , Mary Vertulfo, and Kendra Siebert

Strategist: Emily Ost and Terrence Lewis

Copywriter: Thomas Rice


In the fast-paced modern world, airplanes and bullet trains have replaced buses as a preferred means of long-distance travel, as they are a quicker and often less complicated way of getting from point A to point B. Currently, Greyhound ineffectively tries to attract young people to its services by promoting free wifi or improved seating conditions.


We will demonstrate how Greyhound is a platform for adventure and discovery.

"Embrace the Detour."


We want to provide an application featuring a directory for eaters, landmarks, and other sites along the way of your destination, a Greyhound passport to act as a relic for past trips, and a guerrilla marketing ad that will build interest in inquiry for the Greyhound experience. The stamps shown above will be tangible stamps that expand to not only visited cities, but eateries and landmarks that serve as an agent of nostagia for the sought after American road trip.